About Our Musings

I would like to thanks everyone who comes and visits this site. Here you will find musings on just about anything that I might think of. You will also find my reviews about websites, DVDs, Blu-rays, TV shows, music and what nots. You might even find some political and religious views and reviews as well. You never know what you might find here. I do promise though to be totally honest (at least I hope so) with you about what I think about something.

Hi there! My name is William Drummond but most people call me either Cleave or Clisair. My wife, Rhonda Drummond or Rho also does reviews as Snowfoxx, you know the one that reviews all of the casual games for you ladies out there that might be reading the blog.

Anyone who knows us knows that we love to talk on just about anything no matter what it is. If we know something about it you are sure to find that we have an opinion on it. That is why we set this blog up, not just to toot our own horn but to give our views and reviews on things that we find interesting to us. You might not agree with what we say and you might even argue with those that may leave comments but please be kind and don’t just diss someone because they are different then you. Me and her do that to each other enough as it is, we don’t need you all doing that to the readers.

At present I have 2 children, a slightly neurotic wife and a grandchild. As you can see I am not just some young kid that is trying to make a name for themselves in the blogging world.

As to hobbies? Well I love gaming both on the computer and old school style. Hmmm… I think I will have to do a musing on what an old school style game is. Kids, if you don’t know, go ask your parents as I am sure they can laugh and tell you right off about it. I also love cats, I have 7 of them, I think. I say it that way because cats seem to come and go at our house all the time. Same days we might see three and one day I saw 14 milling about. That is the dangers of being a cat person, you never have one. If you move in with one you will move out with at least three. You don’t see that with dog people that much.

See I ramble. Any way, I am glad that you choose to check out the place and I promise to try and keep you entertained. Even though I am a pagan I promise not to hex those that hate us pagans. I have been called a Druid, a priest, a shaman and many more things that can’t be quoted here but I do believe that you should try and be nice to as many people as you can for you never know what they might be up to behind your back.

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