30 Days Of Night Dark Days

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Why did they even bother to make this film. It was choppy with the way that the scenes were put together and some of the actors in the film just didn’t seem to fit at all. I know it is a vampire film with blood and guts and even a nude and a sex scene but this looked like they took a bad Sarah Connor Chronicles script and just put vampires in it, making it even worse. Sure there are worse ways to spend 92 minutes but I think I would have rather been at the dentist getting a tooth pulled then watching this piece of film. While the first film had some class and substance this one was made to wipe your ass with. It was just that good of a crap.

We pick up a year after 30 Days of Night ends with Stella (Kiele Sanchez) waking from a nightmar about the death of Eben (Stephen Huszar) as the sun rises over Barrow, Alaska and getting attacked by a vampire. grabing her medication and her gun she gets ready to do a presentation on what has happened to her. This night she is doing one in Los Angeles, California. She tells the crowd that there are indeed vampires and that they are in the room with them. They all start ot laugh at her and then she tells the stage hands to “Hit the lights” which turns on very bright UV lights that begin to burn the vampires that are in the room. Of course everyone runs scared and she just casually walks out of the building to be greeted by the police.

Next we see her in an interrogation room where Agent Norris (Troy Ruptash) a FBI agent that is working with Lilith (Mia Kirshner) greets her and tries to scare her all the way back to Alaska. She seems unfazed about it but sees what she is trying to do is next to useless since Lilith and her vampires have the authorities infiltrated with those that want to be turned. So back to her room she goes to be meet by 3 other people she has never met but say they are from Dane (Ben Cotton), a person that has been sending her information about vampire activity. So off they go with little plot building to meet the man or rather thing that put them all together in one room. Dane himself is a vampire but retained his sense of humanity and just drinks blood in pouches instead of hunting others.

So after several clumsy plot driven excursions they get on a boat and confront Lilith is a rather bloody yet boring battle. 4 people against a full cargo ship of vampires and yet they still make it to their queen? Why did the makers of the 30 Days of Night books even let this one be made?

This film had no passion like the first one did and I feel sorry that the actors in it have to even have it on their resume. I am sure they got paid well enough but the only three actors that seemed to know what they6 were doing were Kiele Sanchez, Mia Kirshner and Rhys Coiro as Paul. Everyone else seemed either flat, contrived or too stiff for their roles.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆ 

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