2012: Supernova

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It’s the end of the world as we know it…. again! This time a star went supernova in a far off solar system 200 years ago. Now that star’s supernova radiation rays are coming for Earth. It was pretty cool to watch the planets get trashed by this blue ray thing. Boom! There goes Pluto! Pop! The moons of Neptune! Crash! Boom! Bam! As if some particles in the Asteroid Belt can get any smaller. The Sol system is coming apart like a pack of Pop Rocks in a glass of Sierra Mist.

Meanwhile back on Earth, a project is in the works at some NASA base which could be in Houston. The place looked pretty enclosed and dark. Not exactly the kind of working conditions I’d want the people trying to save our planet to be in. We’ve got a sneaky Chinese scientist, Dr. Ye (Allura Lee) with a hidden agenda, and a Russian scientist, Dr. Dzerzhinsky (Allan Poe) that most likely will be too sauced up on vodka to feel any kind of supernova blast. And the nasty blue rays just keep coming closer and closer faster than Dr. Kelvin (Brian Krause) and his team can keep up. Their race to get nuclear warheads up to a space station to create a nuclear cloud shield either above or below the Earth’s magnetic shield, which they cannot agree on until very last moment, has come under suspicion by some rather dangerous governments overseas. So, not only does Dr. Kelvin have to deal with this, he needs to get his family to safety.

It starts out that way, family drive to some military base, then terrorists show up…. G-men save the Kelvin family, but wife Laura, and whiny teen daughter, Tina get separated from Dr. Kelvin, then the movie becomes “Let’s see how many vehicles these two women can trash as they trek across northern Mexico”. Then there are the weather sequences. Extreme heat, way too many lightning strikes, and tornadoes that look like they came from the 1970s Ajax commercials. These two ladies are just too lucky for words, because somehow, the gods keep throwing stuff at them, and they keep missing!

If you are into the 2012 legend, that’s fine, but don’t use this movie as a part of your research, but if you want a good laugh at some bad sets and cheesy weather effects, have at it.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆ 

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