Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama was pure fun and silliness, and threw me into fits of giggles often as I bowled down the invading zombies at the local lanes. They came to life from some kind of alien goo, and now you have to play against them in the local bowling lanes to get rid of them. These zombies are cartoony, and funny, dressed in everything from business suits and cellphone accessories to mohawks, jeans, and pocket protectors. As you let go of that ball, it can be anything, from a beehive, to a brain, to a head of cabbage, depending on what tricks or treats you use or the opponent pulls. You play in a 10-frame game, but this might as well be pretty much a first-person shooter. There are even some things you will shoot the zombies with, like rockets and a plunger gun. The tricks can make the zombies grow, make your ball grow, move them all into one place under a disco ball, all to make them easier to hit, and that is just a few of the treats. The tricks can be anything from road ramps and oilslicks to a werewolf that blows your ball into a gutter to a “Thriller” dance where they line up to evade you.. Add in a rockin’ sound track, and you have got one helluva a good time in a variation of a first person shooter that will just keep you laughing with every frame you bowl. Go check out Zombie Bowl-O-Rama right now!