Youda Survivor

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Ever wonder what it would be like to wash up on the shore of some seemingly deserted island and actually find people there that worship you like some hero? Ever wonder what it would be like to actually help them and prove that you are the hero that they think you are? Well you don’t have to wonder about that any longer as in this game you are just that. You are the hero that has washed up on shore and the natives think that you are the hero that their legends had prophesied about. You are the one that is going to save them if you can just figure out how to do that with them having you egg collecting and such. It is up to you to show them just how great you can truly be!

The game starts with you wanting to explore and to feed that need you get a boat and head out to see to see what you can see. As it always is with a sea adventure there is a storm, just like in the villager’s prophecy and it rocks your boat till you are throne over. In the morning you crawl out of the waves onto the shore of the native’s island and the shaman is there to greet you. Forget that he actually speaks your language, that is no important, what is important is that they have problems and they want to you fix them. The pirates keep stealing their supplies and they want you to take them on and get rid of them. Only problem is, is that you don’t know how to do anything like that yet. You need to train and what better way then having you dig holes in the sand to find water. Seems silly to dig up a perfect patch of succulent green grass but there is method to the madness of the shaman for you see when you do that they fill up with water without caving in and they get the birds to come down and water themselves.

As was said you need to get supplies and to feed yourself and to do that you need the birds. You are not eating them you are collecting their eggs and using them to make potions to keep yourself healthy. The stronger the potion the more health that you have and you are going to need it when the pirates start coming around as well as all those pesky crabs. Seems like a lot to do all by yourself so the chief and shaman give you helpers along the way as well as sells you equipment to be able to harvest and make better food as well as do certain tasks faster. Now one of the helpers is that of a cute island girl that will brew all your potions for you and if you get lucky you will find a secret special recipe that can be used to make super potions. Now they only work on the level you are on and even though you know the ingredients if she, your potions mistress, doesn’t have the actual paper in front of her she can’t make it. As to another of your helpers it is a scruffy old diver that will go out in the ocean and harvest the creatures of the deep for you.

As to the pirates in the game, they really are quite tame. They come ashore and run off your birds and when they have start taking the eggs that they had laid. You are able to drive them off by fighting them but each swing costs you health and if you use all your health up you wake up with the villagers staring at you like you are some kind of fool. They told you from the get go that if you are low on health not to fight them. As to the crabs they are nothing more then pesky little egg thief that will steal all of them right from under you so make sure to get them quick. When ever you do defeat the pirates they give you supplies and sometimes health potions. With the crabs any time that you defeat them you get a health potion. If they have eaten some of the eggs you will get even more health from them when you defeat them.

This really is a rather cute came and will keep you busy hunting eggs and crabs for quite some time. It is also part time management for if you don’t get all the gathering tasks done in time you have to start all over again to get it done. You get plenty of time but if you don’t choose your actions carefully it could make you pass out and have the villagers looking at you as if you are a fool yet again. So have fun with this gathering and time management game from Youda.