Youda Marina

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Fun Factor:★★★★¼ 

See what it is like to start with nothing but a stip of beach and then turn it into a thriving marina. This game is both fast paced and relaxed at the same time and if you feel stressed with a set of tasks then the game will let you just switch into casual mode and even offer it if it feels that the previous tasks were too much for you. It sure is nice when a game, seeing that you are struggling with a level, will take and off to you an easier way to play without you having to start all over at an easier level. This is a fun little game to play with several maps that you are able to unlock as you go along. I don’t see anyone getting tired of this game anytime soon and the amount of play you can get in within a very short time makes the game seem even longer. What a great thing to help you wind down when it feels that you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time.

As the game starts you are greeted by the marina manager that is giving the task of running a marina over to you. They take you through the first steps simply so that you are able to get a feel for the game and so you don’t just feel like that you have been thrown to the sharks. The game makes sure that you are ready to be able to handle the tasks or challenges as they come. Each one is granted harder then the first but that is to be expected since this is not just a sandbox type of game. You are able to build and maintain several types of buildings. At the start you have to put down a radio station so that you can know that there are boats and ships that want to dock. The size of the ships vary from 2, looks like a rowboat or small outboard to that of a passenger liner that can be size 64 or more. I know that just saying those sizes doesn’t mean that much but it is the size of squares that are taken up by the vessel. 2 squares for a dinghy, 4 for a sailboat, 10 for a small yacht (2 by 5 squares) on so on. You can see that the amount of squares needed for any given boat can get big in a hurry and you need to be able to service them all.

Now having just a dock, which you can build more of and upgrade to stone, and the radio station is not all that you need. To be a really great marina you need to have ways to service and entertain the visitors to your docks. One way to get more to your marina is to build light houses so that the boats can see that you are even there. You can also upgrade the dock areas with lighting and dock buoys which in turn means that you can get more rental for that space. The nicer your dock and dock area the more you can charge. Another item that will help is if you offer the motor boats a way to fuel up by adding a gas station for them to use. You can even add in a specialized salvage and repair station that can service the boats. The higher value and appeal that you have the more you can get for the slip rents.

Now having just a place to stay and a place to gas up is not enough. You need to have much more then that otherwise you really are not going to get any customers. You need a way for the people to fuel up with food and entertainment. To do that you can build restaurants, bars, entertainment centers and even hotels for your guests to stay in. As you work more and more on your marina area you will have to add other things like that of clinics, fire-stations and police centers to help keep unruly boaters in line. There is so much that you are able to do that your marina will start to look like a small town or city with all that you are able to add. You can even have roads, and you really need them, that go between the different docks, venues and support areas. The better you can serve your visitors and the more challenges you unlock and complete the more maps and items you will be able to unlock. Youda Marina puts you in the dockmaster’s chair and lets you do it the way that you want.

Now you don’t have to figure out everything at once and if you don’t get it right away that is ok. The game will let you play the way that you want and you are able to get as creative as you want with the layout. If you don’t like where something is just wait till you have the funds to replace it and then tear the old one down and build it where you want. You are able to make sure that you have everything where you want it and not just plopping down some puzzle piece in a place that the game expects it to be. If you think that something would be better off in another area or would be easier to maintain someplace else then just do it. The whole point of the game is for YOU to run the marina the way that you want. If you get tired of one map, just move to another that you have unlocked. The whole point is you are the one in control and if you don’t like a boat then you don’t have to dock it. Its your marina and you can do with it what you want.