Youda Jewel Shop

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

I’ve not played many of the Youda games, and if this plain, stale bit of gaming is an indication of what I can expect from the Youda series, I now know why I haven’t. Youda Jewel Shop is supposedly a fast pace time management game in which we create customised ugly jewelry for high demand customers using high-tech means. We make earrings, bracelets, shimmery knickknacks and gems on red velvet pillows, and so forth. sometimes we get a special “mission” to help out a customer in some exotic location, but we are still seeing the same people we always see in our every day work.

The jewelry parts run down a belt, but at least it does not move, unlike that crazy conveyor belt in the candy factory on that classic episode of “I Love Lucy”. I think I would have enjoyed just watching that old rerun again instead of playing this game. This game was so plain, it was like having a tofu burger with a side of garbanzo beans for lunch, no spices, no condiments. There are other fashion games out there, and jewelry builders, but going so automated to build all this ugly stuff was not worth the time, and is really not worth the money if you were unfortunate enough to want to play this game past the trial time. Sorry, but Youda Jewel Shop is definitely no gem!