Youda Fairy

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

This is a very challenging game that can sometimes leave you frustrated as you try and manage everything that you see on each of the game levels. As you are walking through the forest you meet an old man that says that he needs your help. He is a wizard and feels that it is time that he moves on to other parts of the universe, he is going to travel to the stars. His problem is that the villagers still need to have someone to look after them by sending them fairies. Each night the fairies grant them wishes, fortune, love and health but there has to be fairies to be able to do that. That is where you come in, the old man, the wizard tells you that he will teach you the spells needed to make the fairies so that you can take care of the villagers. You are going to be his replacement. He is going to make Youda Fairy. (Pun intended)

Each level of the game you have to capture fireflies with enchanted flowers. Each firefly will slowly turn the lily pad to the same color as the flower. Once the flower’s lily pad is full you click on it and out pops a fairy. Once you have your new fairy ready you just drag her to the Chinese lantern for storage for later. Sounds simple enough but there are many obstacles in the way that will make getting the job done rather hard. At first there is nothing in your way other then making sure you get the level done on time. Don’t worry, if you don’t get it done on time it allows you to try the level again, no loosing lives here, just patience. On other levels the game starts to throw other challenges on you such as spiked pollen, hungry lizards, pesky bull frogs and more. You do have some defenses against these problems but you need to make sure that you use them wisely otherwise you are going to be doing the level all over again.

As to the actual spells that you get to use there are several and here are a few of them. One useful spell is that of the magic feather, it will make sure that you have fireflies to catch to make fairies with. The animation for the spells can be quite cute at times. The feather spell will make a giant feather come out and tickle the nose of the tree making them sneeze out more fireflies for you to catch. Another good spell is that of the shield, when it is used it will make it so that the lizard and frog are not able to sit on your lily pads. The frog can keep you from being able to catch fire flies and the lizard will eat them making it so that you are not able to even complete the level if you don’t have a feather to get more fire flies.

This game is definitely a challenge and can quickly overwhelm you and have you crying in frustration or maybe even pulling your heir out. At least the music is cute and distracting, the fairies sweet and cute and the rewards very nice. As you play the game you are able to upgrade your residence. With each upgrade you are able to do more to keep the fairies, the villagers and the yourself happier. The upgrades will also help with your spells and the spiders that will help you in completing the different levels of the game. Even with all the help you get you must always be on the look out for the wicked witch. She will do anything she can to make you fail.