You May Have Noticed

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You might have noticed that more sites are down today. The reason is that they are opposed to SOPA and PIPA. Even though some politicians have said that they are no longer going to do anything about these two bills that does not change the fact that they thought of them in the first place. We need to make sure that our leaders know that we are all people and not just some criminal that needs to be punished. I say it that way because of some of the laws and some of the things that they say. They want to legislate every single part of our life it seems at times. There are more then enough copyright laws on the books right now that they don’t have to think up new ones. They say they are doing this to protect us but who are they really protecting? I think themselves and the entertainment industry. Hell, they don’t even know how this would impact the net and the people that use it. In committee hearings they were constantly saying that they were just not nerd enough to understand it.

If you go to time index 4:20 you will see just how un-nerdy they are. It is amazing that these so called leaders would be working on a bill that they did not even try to understand. You know, people must be really stupid and idiots to even vote for politicians that don’t have a clue. These men and women could have taken 15 minutes to call someone or even talk to their web designers and they would have known just how much this would impact people. Drummond For Congress (I know, shameless plug) would not do that and so would many others who actually know what is going on in the “REAL” world. Some of the politicians that we have now are so tethered to their PACs and donations that they would say black was white if they told them to say it.

Is it any wonder that we are seeing protests all over the place and that Congress has the absolute lowest approval rating in history? I dare say it has a lower approval rating then King George did before the revolution. Things have got to change or what happened then is going to happen now. Get the dinos out and get some new fresh ones in before it is too late to do anything about it. Forget the GOP farce of a race and start supporting local candidates that are willing to work for the people and not just the rich. If we let the same people stay in Congress then we are going to continue to see stupid bills proposed like SOPA, PIPA and other failed legislation in the past that are all designed to control the way that we think and live.

Make your vote count when election day comes. Make sure you are registered and know who it is that you are voting for. If you don’t we just might another country buy its way in to collect on the debts that we have to them. Get those that don’t know what it is they are voting on out and get those in that will take the time to know what it is they are voting on before they do so. Make sure those that know what it is that they are putting forth to Congress is something that they actually read themselves to begin with.

It is time for a change!