X-Men First Class : Everything Has A Begining

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This film shows us what the possible origins are of some of our favorite comic book heroes and villains. We even see from extrapolation the origins of others as well that are not even in the film just by seeing the powers that are used by others in the film. It is truly amazing how many heroes were made just because Charles Xavier, Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Magneto met and became friends. It is had not been for his experiences at the hands of the Nazis, Erik Lehnsherr might have actually been a force for good instead of just a convenience for good while he was seeking revenge.

There are some problems with the film and the film was too long for just one movie. The picture should have been broken up into multiple films so that it would not have seemed as choppy as it was. While it is great that we see how Raven and Charles met and the impact Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) had on Erik, we just do not see enough of what has happened to get a real sense of the characters. We do not see enough depth and there is not enough focus in the film as we see scene after scene just running into each other without enough idea of what is really going on. If a person was in the lest bit sleepy while watching this they would not know what was going on. What is up with Cerebro being made by Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) Beast, everyone knows that the machine that Professor X (James McAvoy) uses to find mutants was build by himself and Erik, not by some blue furball with a case of self conscience about odd looking feet. That is just one of the things in the film that is off and there are many others as well that all fans are going to find hurtful to what they remember and love.

As to the things that were good with the film, we see why Hank is blue, we see why the government hates mutants and I just love the explanation of the Cuban missile crisis that the film came up with. As to Shaw’s powers it makes you wonder if he is some relative of Apocalypse with the way he absorbs power to stay young. Its no wonder Erik (Michael Fassbender) Magneto is bent on revenge as Shaw is one sick bastard.

A suggestion to those that watch the film, watch about 75 to 80 minutes of it, then eat dinner, see another movie, make out, anything so you can get refreshed and then watch the other half or so of the film. If you watch it all in one shot you are just going to get wore out and I think everyone involved with the film were getting that way as well. I know epic films are great but when you are dealing with so many story lines at ones you really need to sit back and separate them from each other first and then weave them back together. You could have literally made 6 films out of the content that was in just this one film. If it has been in a comic book that is exactly what they would have done and it should have been done that way here. Also, another thing, get the damned facts straight about characters before you start screwing them up. I know you have license to alter and change things but come one, everyone knows that certain things have been and always will be the same. Changing those things is why the movie landed in the crapper with fans. Sure they are going to watch it but do you think they will keep coming back if it is constantly done that way?

So, as to the plot of the film, Erik sees his mother shot by the man he hates most on the planet and kills everyone but the man he hates in an uncontrolled rage and release of his ability to control metal. Raven masquerading as Charles’ mother slips into the mansion looking for food and Charles uses his ability to make his parents thing that Raven is his sister. To Ravens dismay that is all Charles sees her as, his sister and nothing she does changes what he and how he sees her. Shaw decides he wants to rule the world by first destroying it and collects his own team of mutants to do it which gets Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) involved, Charles one true love and just happens to be a CIA operative. Thing is I thought Moira MacTaggert was supposed to be a geneticists and not a government spy. This film has way to many things going on all at once to keep it all in your head.

Remember that if you watch this film take it all with several grains of salt and maybe some valerian as well and make sure you are well rested or the stuff that might make sense will make no sense at all. If you think this review is confusing just wait till you watch the film. The ONLY reason it is getting as good a rating as I am giving it is because the first half of the film was actually good and we get to see Raven naked.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆