Wreck-It Ralph – When the arcade closes, the fun begins

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Wreck-It-Ralph-Blu-ray-CoverPixar is just amazing, and seems everything they do just keeps getting better and better, and Wreck-It Ralph keeps with the formulae in a huge way. Once you see thing great movie, you will find it hard to believe that all this great action takes place in the span of only two days within the confines of a video arcade. Let’s get a run down of how this all goes about.

Ralph (John C. Reilly) is pretty big guy for an 8-bit character that was created back in the early 80s. He’s been the antagonist of the Fix-It Felix Jr. video game for thirty years, and he’s getting a bit fed up with being the “bad guy”. Just because he as a temper, and was programmed to work the way he does, that does not mean he is evil. He finally meets with the other villains of some of the Litwik Arcade’s games in the Pac-Man ghost house for some group therapy, and he is glad to get the confession that his life is boring and lonely out there. On his way back to his game, he goes through the Central Transfer Station, which is really a huge surge protector that connects all the games in the arcade together, and is stopped by security, which is a common thing for him, and makes it back to his game. When he arrives, the secondary characters of his game are throwing a party in honor of the game’s thirtieth anniversary and Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) is the guest of honor.

While the little peeps are celebrating with wine and sweets, Ralph makes his way to confront them about not being invited, which gives them quite a scare. Felix does invite him in for cake, but due Ralph’s huge size and even huger temper, the cake gets destroyed, and one of the Nicelanders, Gene (Raymond S. Persi) challenges Ralph, in telling him that if he ever receives a medal, he can move into the penthouse of the apartment building. Ralph storms out, and heads to Tapper’s, a video game in which one plays as a bartender, and this is the arcade pub. He tells Tapper about the search for a medal, and Tapper tells him that he can rummage throw the lost and found. Ralph finds little odds and ends, including a cockroach, and is about to leave when he gets run over by a Space Marine, Markowski (Joe Lo Truglio) from the game Hero’s Duty whom has come to drown his fears at Tappers, but is still screaming about bugs. Ralph asks him about the game, and what one receives if they win. Turns out, if they can make it to the tower alive, they win a medal. The roach climbs up on Ralph’s shoulder, and Markowski passes out. A scheme slips into Ralph’s head, and he disguises himself in Markowski’s armor and goes into Hero’s Duty.

Hero’s Duty is a brand new game with a huge three panel wall screen and very realistic graphics. Ralph is now part of a corps of NPCs that support the first person shooter as they fight bugs to aid them towards the tower. The corps commander is a blonde amazon of a woman, Calhoun (Jane Lynch) that is all about protecting the player, but when Ralph gets far in over his head, the game is quickly over, and the rest of the corps goes to reset. Ralph slips away and climbs to the top of the tower, doing his best to avoid bugs and their eggs, and makes it to the medal. He gets so overjoyed that he jumps around, and this starts a chain reaction of events that will take him into one of the most kawaii games ever, Sugar Rush Racing.

Here he meets with Vanellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a little girl with a big problem, and she is going to use Ralph’s medal from Hero’s Duty to fix it, and things just get wilder from there. Not only did Ralph end up in the sugary land, he brought along a bug from Hero’s Duty, which become whatever they consume. If they eat a gun, they become a gun, if they eat a jawbreaker, they become a jawbreaker, but they still have all their bug abilities, including the programming that sends them to a light beacon when the game resets. This game is run by King Candy (Alan Tyduk), and this overly sweet fellow has a past that will shock everybody, and… I’ve said too much.

If you love video games, and played them back in the day, this movie is just perfect. It features characters from old games and new, and you will recognize them all, from early 80s 8-bit games to today’s HD games. You will even want to watch the credits to see an evolution of game graphics, and the closing songs just can’t get any better. So, we will close with the closing song…

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★