World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

If you like many variations on a theme in one game, then World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong is exactly what you are looking for. This takes the old-fashioned mahjong solitaire and kicks it up a notch with variations, such as logic match, and match 7, in which you match the tiles with the seven tiles at the bottom of the screen. There is also some historical eye candy to keep you interested as your game takes you through history and around the globe to places like Amenhotep’s Temple of Karnak, and Angkor Wat in Southeast Asia, just as an example.

Globetrotting and time-trotting is lots of fun in this game that will keep your mind and eyes sharp and you go through the levels and through history, from Ancient Egypt to Greece and China and beyond, you never know who or what you might run into in these exotic locales. There are seven variations on the mahjong, featuring the classic tile sets, and few surprises. This is one of those games you can easily let your curiosity run wild on, because the graphics are so pretty, you just want to know where you will go next. This will never really have all the excitement of Kung Fu Mahjong, but it will keep you very entertained.