World of Zellians

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

While the concept of World of Zellians was great, it really was not anything new, as those whom might have played any of the Sierra City Builder games like Ceasar or Pharoah could tell you. In World of Zellians you are the student of an aging sage that is hoping to bring the nations of Zellian together through commerce and progress. Each nation has its own terrain and each ruler has their own strengths and flaws. You are to help these rulers see past what keeps them from progressing by rebuilding their little towns into highly productive cities.

It seems easy enough to take on the tasks the sage gives you at each new level, but the problem in this game is the lack of mobility and space to work with. Certain trees are sacred to all Zellians, and you have to work around these trees, because you cannot destroy them. On the upside, rocks are a nuisance, and can be broken down for materials, and some contain precious metal deposits that will give your towns’ economies a nice little material wealth boost. Your resources are pretty basic, spring-fed wells, rivers for fishing, and ample farmland for placing farms for grain, fruit orchards, and livestock. You build small homes, family homes, and on upward to bring in new residents and workers to meet your goals. While this city builder is not based on any great Earth-bound civilisation, World of Zellians does have its charms, but as a city builder simulation, it is pretty much average, but it is nice to see these kinds of simulators finally coming into the casual games market.