World of Warcraft

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

People said World of Warcraft is better than Guild Wars, Call of Duty and Soul Calibur. Well, I played it for half hour and there’s one thing I have to say. What the hell I’m looking at here? The problem in this game is that the graphics sucks, everything look cartoony, the gameplay is pretty bad, and a bunch of players are being buttheads.

The first problem is the graphics. The graphics are awful. Blizzard needs to update the graphics. This 2013 not 2004. Back in 2004 the graphics were pretty good, but today the graphics need update. I’ve seen Call of Duty and Soul Calibur have better graphics than this, and Guild Wars has better have better graphics than this. Guild Wars was a year around after World of Warcraft. Guild Wars is still better than World of Warcraft. The second problem is everything looks to cartoony. If this a RPG game,it should be a anime game. Guild Wars characters look anime and I like it, but World of Warcraft does not look like anime. It look like one of those shows on cartoon network. I don’t like Cartoon Network any more since they put a bunch of stupid shows on there, but not Star Wars Clone Wars. Star Wars Clone Wars is not on Cartoon Network any more. I heard it is going on Disney XD.

The third problem is the gameplay. The gameplay is always lagging. The some bugs that have some problem. I got stuck in a wall, and I saw someone resting on a flag pole and I saw some kind of beast jumping around like a frog.

The fourth problem is the players. I don’t like the players, because they are a bunch of little brats to me. They steal my kills and steal my treasures off of my kills. These players don’t give a damn about the other players. One more problem about this game is that it is not free. You have to pay to play. This game is a monthly fee. I want a game that had pretty good graphics and better gameplay. The online you need to play is Guild Wars. Guild Wars is better World of Warcraft. There are better online games out there than this. I don’t want play a monthly fee game that has bad graphics and bad gameplay. If you looking for a online game is pretty good, play Guild Wars. Do not play World of Warcraft. If you want to play a Warcraft game play Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.