Woodville Chronicles: Build your own beautiful town in Woods

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Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

This is a cute little match three game with lots of interesting twists along the way. You can play the game in several different way all depending on what style of play that you want. First of all you can choose timed or totally casual where it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to move. That mode would be perfect if you are having to leave the computer often to be able to do something else. It used to be that not that many games had a mode like this but now more and more of them are as more and more people are doing different things as they multitask all the time. So that is one very big plus for this game especially while trying to stay awake and answer phones late at night. That is if your boss will let you do that.

Another way you can choose your style of play is that you don’t have to do only match three. There are 2 other ways of playing as well, one of those being Group Mode. In group mode you click on three or more items of the same type to form a group. Once a group is formed it is removed from the playing field. Another way is that of the chain mode which allows you to create Chains of moves and when you have it all set they are all removed from the board. Swap Mode (match three), Group Mode and Chain Mode all have their benefits but it is really how you prefer to play that will give you the most enjoyment with the game.

Another thing that you are able to do with the game board is rotate it. Almost all other match three games you do not have this option but in this game it is essential that you have this ability. The reason that you have to have it is that when you are playing the bonus games and levels you have to move a key all across the game board and it can not be swapped. To be able to get it to the key hole you have to be able to rotate the board. You might think that these levels would be easy but they are not always that way. Not only do you have to concentration on getting the matches under the key but sometimes the keyhole is not at the end of the lane. Sometimes you have to have other tile pieces in the lane below the key to get it to line up. On boards like that you might find yourself rotating the board quite a bit.

To help you with the levels you get tools that can be used to help clear the board of hard tiles. You have bombs, line breakers, color swappers and tools to remove all of one color on the tile. Every time you use a tool on a piece that is one a hard tile it will shatter it. To clear a level you have to have all of the hard tiles removed from the board. To make things even more difficult you will sometimes have the hard tiles with chains on them. When you have a chain only a tool or a color match of the chain piece will unlock it. It has to be unlocked before you can even break the hard tile underneath the colored piece. As you get further along in the game you also get mystery pieces, they are enclosed in a wooden box and you have to break it to get to the piece that is inside. Sometimes they can be a real nuisance though when you are trying to find the color pieces to match up.

This really is a very cute game and may of the sounds that are used in it sound a lot like and remind me of Spyro The Dragon, another fun game. As to the whole point of matching and collecting all the points, it is so that you can build your village under the tries. When ever you have enough points you can use them to buy different houses and shops and when the whole town is done it is on to the next place to build. This game is going to keep you occupied for hours on end and with its untimed mode you just might have it on your screen for the entire work shift, that is if your boss will let you play Woodville Chronicles as you wait to answer the phones or open the door.