WipEout HD and WipEout HD Fury

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

For anyone that loves racing games you are going to love this game from Sony and Studio Liverpool that lets you race far into the future. You are not using cars on conventional tracks, you are racing in a spaceship, almost like pod racing (for those that have seen Star Wars I). You have your choice of several different ships that you can use to race in with loads of different tracks. Each ship has its own strengths, some have better speed, some have better shields, some handle better and some have more thrust then other ships. Each type of ship is able to win the race, it just depends on how well you are able to control it and use its strengths to your advantage. If you haven’t guessed already you are racing in hover ships, race cars that float on air and race at great speeds along special track, you even race upside down at times. This is a fast moving game and with the Wipeout Hd Fury Addon you get even more tracks and opportunities to blow your opponent up. That’s right, you can get weapons to use against your opponents as well the possibility of getting speed boosts while you are out on the track competing.

While in race mode against other players you can fly over icons on the track that will give you bonuses. Going over a red X will give you a random weapon and going over a glowing double arrow will give your craft a speed boost. No matter what icon you go over you have an opportunity to get ahead of your racing opponent. With the red X you can get weapons as well as defensive shields and even a rocket booster that will propel your craft up ahead of your opponents, if your close enough. There are cannons, bombs, mines, plasma bursts and even shock waves that will send out a force of energy ahead of you that can stop those in from of you in their tracks. You can even eliminate opponents if you can do enough damage to them. As you are able to use the weapons and boosts on the track so are your opponents and they can use them against you and against others. You never know what is going to happen on the track and no two races are ever the same as each opponent racer will not always do the same thing twice. I am sure that some have a pattern but you can be sure that it would take a long time to figure all their patterns out and each race doesn’t always have the same opponents.

As to the crafts themselves there are several that you are able to choose from and each has a loyalty bar. With more and more loyalty to a vehicle the more you will be able to unlock its potential. Even if you max out one vehicle there are still many more that you can explore. Till you max each and everyone out you really wont be a master of the game and all that they can do. With the Fury add on you get even more tracks and surprises that you are able to try and master. This game just doesn’t quit and gives you split screen two player play as well as online play so that you are always given a challenge that is only available from WipEout HD. This game is so intense that you have to agree to a health notice before you even get to play so better get your rest and make sure that you are ready for WipEout HD and WipEout Hd Fury Add-on