Wing Commander : The Movie (1999)

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When this film came out everyone hated it for no good reason. The critics because it was not Academy material and the gamers because it compressed stuff from the first 3 games into the screen adaptation. Adaptation, when you take many different parts of a whole to make a representation for easier consumption. The film as itself is quite good with fast paced action, drama and plot twists that you would love in other films. Forget that this is based off a video game and see it for what it is, a space drama with enemies, heroes and stumbling blocks. All the things you want for a great film. When looked at in that light this is a wonderfully brilliant film that you will want to see over and over for its content and story.

Blair, played by Freddie Prinze Jr. is a new pilot that is headed for his first assignment. He is a halfbreed, a cross between a Terran and a Pilgrim so he is looked down upon by many since the Terrans just finished a war with the Pilgrims. His friend Todd ‘Maniac’ Marshall played by Matthew Lillard is a show off and general instigator of trouble both at the academy and on board the Tiger Claw, the main ship used in the movie. It is up to Lt. Cdr. ‘Angel’ Deveraux played by Saffron Burrows to whip them into shape and make them better pilots then they are. Add in a good dose of bad guys in the form of large bipedal cats known as the Kilrathi and you have for some interesting high flying space action that will keep you gripping your seat and your eyes glued to the screen.

This film has something for everyone as it takes you from a space station being torn apart by thousands of star fighters and destroyers to the treacherous single fighter jump through a distortion of space and time. You have romance between Todd and Rosy played by Ginny Holder, interpersonal conflicts between Blair and members of the crew and even a spy who come in to save the day. The ships are banged up, the model and CGI work superb and the acting on par with some of the best films out there. This is a film deserving of respect even from the picky gamers that want nothing but purity in their gaming sci-fi.

If you love space films and seeing just how a small group of people can come together to save the planet then this is definitely a film for you and one that you will want to keep on hand. If you don’t like high action adventure films then crawl back into your cave and leave us geek loving space fans alone. This is one film that is going to be watched over and over no mater how many times I have to replace the disk.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★