Whip It : She’s the hottest thing on eight wheels.

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This movie came out eight years ago, but it is amazing how we missed it. Fox Searchlight Pictures has tons of great movies like this, and if you ever see their trailers on your Blu-Rays or at the theater, make sure you check them out. So on with the show…

Bliss Cavender (Ellen Page) is living anything but a blissful life in Bodeen, Texas. At 17, she’s a high-school senior who works as a waitress at a local BBQ restaurant, and works to keep her mother happy in a string of beauty pageants that she finds to be useless. Her mother, Brooke Cavender (Marcia Gay Harden) is a former beauty queen that wants her daughters to follow her 1950s lifestyle example, but Bliss and her best friend, Pash (Alia Shawkat) know they are modern girls ready to bust out of Bodeen. Bliss is into indie rock and rollerskating could care less out her silly pageants, and one day, when shopping in Austin at a punk store/headshop for shoes, Bliss sees four rough-looking ladies with multi-coloured hair roll in on their skates to post an ad for the opening match for the Women’s Austin Roller Derby League, and they represent the team known as the Hurl Scouts. After learning a little more about the derby, Bliss and Pash find a way to sneak up to Austin and see the action. Bliss is extremely intrigued when she sees the Hurl Scouts in action, and is leaving her mother’s beauty
queen dreams behind to become a speed demon on wheels.

Soon she is skating around the neighborhood, practicing whenever she can to audition for the team, and only one thing keeps her from becoming a Hurl Scout. She is too young, but she works her way around that, and is soon part of the team. Her skater name is Babe Ruthless, and now she is the fastest skater in the Austin derby league. She has a boyfriend in a alt rock band, and things can’t get much better, until…. her mother finds out. Ouch!

To learn more about Bliss’ adventures in roller derby and dealing with her old-fashioned mom, you just have to see Whip It, because the track might go only in one direction, but there are many hidden paths along the way, from dealing with high school bullies and mean girls to dealing with the really mean girls of the derby itself. This is one fell good movie with an amazing soundtrack to mesh with it. Missing out on Whip It could be a mistake, so don’t forget about it, ladies, especially, because this one is for you.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆