Whats Up With All The Recalls

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What is it now a days. Every time you turn on the news you are seeing a story about the latest recall notice. I don’t understand why there are so many recalls. Don’t the companies believe in product safety and testing or quality control? Or is the cost of a good Q&A department too much to bare for all the greedy uncaring corporations out there. It just isn’t right or fair to the consumer for things to keep going this way.

I am a gamer, have been for as long as I can remember. Do you know I have some computer games that were done so well that they didn’t need to have not one software patch. Now when you get software you usually have to patch it the very same day that you install it. Some people think that is the best thing in the world. They want to see a release day patch. Something like that just doesn’t make much sense to me at all. They test these products, or at least they are supposed to, but they just don’t care. All they are looking out for is their bottom line. They don’t give a damned about the consumer except on how fast they can sell you a product. I wonder how all those gamers would feel if the car they just bought was released or sold to them like a game. Oh wait, they do buy cars that way. At least that is the way it seems any more.

Food gets recalled because of poison, not the poison that they tricked the government into believing it is safe, not stuff like bug parts, chicken crap, finger nails, metal shavings, rats, mice and who knows what else. Toys get recalled because a company used a cheap alternative that was not approved for the use they are using it in so that it becomes toxic. Whats really funny is the toy that is now toxic is being sold to the wrong age group to begin with, they just don’t give a damned what they sell us as long as they get their money. Can you imagine if homes were built that way? Wait, they are, they use glued together sawdust and wood chips and say it is better. Its not, soon as it is wet it just falls apart because for one, the glue is not water proof.

I know that if I myself were to work for anyone and do work like these corporations I would be fired and blackballed but these corporations tell their workers to do this and the ones that complain, the ones that want to see the job done right, they are the ones punished. Is it no wonder that no one cares about anyone these days? They are taught early on that it is better to cheat and steel instead of doing a good wholesome job. When I was a kid if you stole your ass was rearranged with a branch or belt and you learned not to do it again. I think it is high time that these corporations get bent over the desk and whipped good till they make it all right to begin with, not just when they are caught. If that were to happen then maybe we would have more accountability, a better economy and not so many pricks in congress.

Even in the medical field you see recalls on joint replacements. You know, where they totally remove the offending joint and then put in a metal and silicon replacement. Now years later they actually look at the metal and the plastic and find that it is toxic. Wouldn’t they have known that to begin with? That means that the companies that made them just didn’t give a damned about what was going to be done with the product. Sometimes though it is the doctor that doesn’t care and uses a product that he knows was not intended for such a use. People need to be accountable before something goes wrong, not just after. Thank you FDA for letting everyone just buy you off. You really make me feel safe when something says that it is FDA approved. To me that just says someone threw enough money at you to turn the other way. If that wasn’t true then there would not be so many drug recalls.

Maybe the gods should just recall all you idiots so that the people that have enough sense to live are not being killed off by you greedy bastards.