What is wrong with America, An Opinion!

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Many people say that the problem with America is the government or the schools, myself I think it is a total lack of respect for ones self and those that are around them. How do people get so apathetic? Easy, they just don’t care about anything other then themselves and sometimes not even that. I just ran into this face first at full speed and didn’t even know it till I was miles away with no way to turn around to fix the problem. I just had my order royally botched in such a way that I wasn’t even able to salvage the sandwich at all. Now it sites in the fridge waiting to take to another store to see if amends can be made.

At first look it looks like a normal burger, BTW, if you click on the pic you will see a bigger version. Lets start with the obvious, look haw the burger is stacked, it doesn’t even sit on the bun right. I have work fast food before and I have seen people fired over stuff like this 30 years ago when quality meant something and wasn’t a dirty word among employees. When serving food you want to get it done fast, hence the name fast food, but it also needs to be presentable and not just a thrown together piece of crap, and I am being polite saying that way. The way you see the food will affect both how you eat it and how filling it is. If the food looks like it was made like a king then you are going to be more satisfied with it, even if it doesn’t always taste perfect. Presentation is everything. No wonder both the teller and the line cook are working late night McDonald’s. If they showed up for an interview with the same sort of nothingness that they put into this burger I know I would not hire them.

BTW, I will NEVER retract anything that I am saying here so don’t even try. If you have something to say then use the damned comments field at the end of this article. Yes I cussed as I am still fuming about my botched burger.

Now some would say its just a burger and to just eat it, there in is the other problem. I am allergic to the EXTRA onions that they put on the burger. It tears my stomach up and can very well make me puke. Wouldn’t that be a lovely site to see on the interstate, projectile vomiting all over a windshield. Imagine trying to explain that one to the cops when they pull you over.

The second part that is so wrong that it makes me want to shout is that they didn’t even ring the order up right. I specifically said that I wanted a McDouble with cheese with ONLY mustard and pickles. I told them twice, even when they asked if I wanted ketchup on it. You would think that with me and my family being the only ones at the counter that they could get that one little thing right. Why did they get it wrong? Simple, no pride in ones work and not willing to really pay attention to what is going on. No wonder companies want to hire immigrants, they damned well listen and do what you say because they want to keep getting paid. I know that when I was growing up you did what you had to do or you didn’t get paid and that was in every single job that you did.

The main problem with America is that its people no longer care how the rest of the world sees them. The rest of the world is laughing at how ignorant and crass everyone is becoming and it isn’t even the governments fault. It is is fault of people not wanting to do what they know is right because they know that there are no longer consequences to their actions. They do what ever they want and they are coddled and told that it is OK and to just go take another pill or some such nonsense.

So with line cooks and tellers like the ones that made this burger is it no wonder that America is going down the toilet? Makes you wonder why we even bother with looking after them when they are unwilling to look after themselves.

So ends today’s rant…. For now!