What a year for Musings it has been

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It has been a year now since we decided to put up the blog Musings From Us. Originally it was just Musings From Me as at the time my wife Snowfoxx had not started doing postings with me. We have come a long way since the very first post to the site. Even though you will see some postings from her near the beginning of the archives they were actually written for a food blog that she had wanted to do. After she started writing for Musings she let it go to the wayside and then we just closed that one down and exported the posts and imported them to here. They were good postings so we wanted to make sure that they were not lost.

So here we are a year later still posting and giving you reviews and comments that we feel like doing. Sometimes they might be current and sometimes they are not. We have often times been criticized that we are not doing enough current films and such but the older ones need love as well. Some of our biggest traffic drawers are not the new films and books but the older ones. It is like there are not enough good well written reviews out there for them. When we write about them we pour ourselves into them. It doesn’t matter if we love or hate them we are going to tell you exactly how we feel about them. We do musings not just synopsis and dry reviews. Sometimes we will give glowing praise and other times we have to keep ourselves from turning the post into a NSFW post. Sometimes what we are reviewing is that bad that we just want to cuss and curse about it. The point is that we write, we review and most importantly we post. Heck we sometimes post several times a day. After a years time we have over 700 posts on the site. I know there are more then that at the time of writing this but you get the point.

We are not shy about what we write. Sometimes we even have to force ourselves to write because the subject to be reviewed is so bad and horrible that the review might be seen as better then the subject itself. We do find a way to get the article written though so you can decide for yourself if you want to see it or read it yourself.

We have also been criticized as being unprofessional as well as commercial. Interesting how that would go. Some think that a blog about someones personal views about something should not have any advertising at all on it. That it should be written just to share with others. If that was all that we were doing how would we even pay to have the blog up. We are not using a free service, we have an actually site and domain name that we pay for. To pay for it we have ads on the site and will direct people to places where they can get a movie, game or book. What is so wrong about that? You have to have some way to be able to pay for all the time that is involved in what we do. So we have ads and that makes us commercial to those that really do not have a grasp of what money really is and what you have to do with it to keep things going. We are in our 40’s and know that you have to have money to be able to survive in this world. So to all you idiots that think the blog should have no ads or links to where you can buy something, GROW THE HELL UP. You have to have money to keep things going.

Now as a matter to how much time it takes to do a review. Some out there think that it is nothing to do them and that the person doing them is not worth anything. Boy do those people have some learning to do. Lets look at what it takes to do a movie review, I am not talking about a fluff piece you might see in a newspaper about opening night, I am talking about a full on review with feelings, comments and information. First you have to watch the movie which takes about 90 to sometimes 2 and a half hours to watch. OK, so now you want to review the film but you don’t remember all the names so you start with IMDb to look up the movie. Their listing will give you a short synopsis, usually, and the list of the actors and character names with the film. So that takes about 10 minutes to settle into your head. Now to make the movie more in your head you get a pic of the movie poster or DVD cover. The more images that you have the better you can remember what was going on. Now you get screen shots, if you have the film on disk that is easy but still time consuming. It can take 20 minutes to 30 minutes to choose the images to save to disk. Once saved you then have to process them so that they are of a better size to be use on the net. You also have to rename them so that they are actually associated with the film. The whole process with getting the pics ready can take as long as an hour to do. Now you get to start writing and depending on how much you have to say about it that part can take as long as 30 or more minutes as you check name, check characters and write how you felt and what you thought about the film. As you can see it can take as long as 4 hours or more if it is a long film to do just a single review. Would you do that constantly for free? Would you do that with no chance of a return? No way in hell unless you are an idiot and nut case that just like to read their own work.

As you can see a lot goes into doing a review and that was just for a movie. Imagine if you were to review a book or a game, each of which could take several more hours just to read or play it. Doing reviews or musings is not just a simple thing to do, it takes thought and a will to actually do it or otherwise nothing will continue. That is why there are ads and that is why we just don’t give a damn that people think we are unprofessional or that the blog might be commercial. If you don’t like what we write then just go the hell away and leave us and our other readers alone. If you do want to be here then keep one thing in mind, WE HAVE A COMMENT SECTION.

After every posting on the site you will see there is a place that you can leave a comment or thought or idea. We know that some are trying to use this but they are using it in the worst possible way, they are just trying to spam our blog to get traffic to theirs. If you want to do that at least have the courtesy to actually leave an on topic message and not just dribble to get traffic. In the past year the spam protection software has blocked over 15,000 (Yes that is thousands) messages where bots have just tried to post a link. We don’t mind comments but please make the comments about the post and not just to get traffic. Also, if you hate the post then say so ON THE POST and not just someplace else, that is why we have a comment section.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this long ramble and musing and we hope that you will keep visiting for years to come.