Welcome To Musings From Me

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I would like to thanks everyone who comes and visits this site. Here you will find musings on just about anything that I might think of. You will also find my reviews about websites, DVDs, Blu-rays, TV shows, music and what nots. You might even find some political and religious views and reviews as well. You never know what you might find here. I do promise though to be totally honest (at least I hope so) with you about what I think about something.

As I said there will be reviews about many things. If I find a book I like I will let you know about it and what I think of the author that wrote it, but I can be forgetful at times, so… What was I saying?

Just kidding

If I can find a link that will go with a book, video, DVD or product for what ever I am reviewing or talking about I will do my best to give you a solid link to it so you can check it out yourself. So check back often or follow my Twitter account http://twitter.com/clisair to keep up to date on what is going on here.