Wedding Dash

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Even though this game has been out for some time, with the romantic times of Valentine’s Day fading as we look forward to spring, it seemed like a good time to look at another one of Play First’s Diner Dash’s spin-offs. Wedding Dash features Flo’s best friend, Quinn. Quinn gets a wedding planning job just dumped on her, and she finds that she is very good at it! Now to take this talent and make it a successful business.

This unusual time management game features various levels and locales. We have many very cute couples ready to take the vows, and they give Quinn a budget, and a quick summary of their personal choices for the wedding. They could be anything from traditional white to South Seas tropical. We never know what to expect, but there we are just getting warmed up. Flo is there to help us out in tight spots serving up great wedding noms as quickly as possible while Quinn makes sure that everyone is seated where they want to be, gets the wedding gifts to the table, and stop various disasters from happening. The last thing she wants to do is unleash a Bridezilla at this joyous occasion.

There are four games in this Dash Franchise, and as usual, Musings will get to them all. Give us time, as with the campaign to get Cleave on the NW Florida ballot might slow us down a bit, but we’ll be here whenever you need us.