Weather Lord

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I don’t mind watching weather reports. Especially in these days here in Florida when fires are common during May. Now to be able to control the weather is a great thing, but in Weather Lord you seem to be doing it far all the wrong reasons. Leave it to Alawar Games to give us yet another! Sheesh! A farming simulator… Don’t they have enough of these variations on a theme?

So in this silly sim, we don’t buy seeds and supplies, but we buy clouds, sunshine, wind, and combine them to make various weather patterns that we take over to little farms and orchards to help them grow. We also fuel green energy by using solar power, and turbines. This helps us gather building materials to upgrade the farms and weather stations. While this is a fun little green game, the music will make you sleepy, and repetitive movements of combining these little elements over and over again gets tiresome. While we are nowhere near having the power of Storm, if we did, I’m sure this game would have been much more fun. For now, I’ll keep wishing for real rain to put out the fires while I look for a better game to play.