Warriors of the Lost Empire

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warriors_of_the_lost_empireWarriors of The Lost Empire is pretty good game to play on the PSP. This game looks like Dungeons & Dragons, but it in the Roman times. This game is about helping out a city that has been cursed for a long time. It is up to these four warriors to free the city from the curses. In this game, there are four warriors to play. The warriors to play are an Amazon, a Dark Seeker, a Highlander, and a Gladiator.

The Amazon use a bow and some arrows. She is pretty good for a amazon. If she was in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, she will take down some dragons that easily. The Dark Seeker is one I like to play. She uses a sword and a shield. She is the best character to play in this game. The Highlander uses two-handed weapons. He can use great sword, battle axe, or any two-handed weapons. He is like one of those Nords from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Gladiator looks like a assassin because he uses two weapons with him. He can use blades only, but not bows or two-handed weapons. There are no guns in this game at all. Just swords, axes, and bows.

The game takes a long time to beat it. This game took me a mouth to beat. When you are going to the next level in this game, you have to kill all the bandits and monsters. You do get a good items after clear that level. The graphics in this game are really good for a PSP game. I like the details in this game. The graphics was well done. The people in this game look like anime characters. This game was done by Goshow. Goshow did a good job on this game. The gameplay is really good, as well. When I played this game, I saw no bug problem in this game. The camera works really good, unlike the camera form Neverwinter Nights II. You can change your camera in this game. I don’t know why people hated this game but, I really good game. Maybe it has something to do with a lack of guns. I keep on playing the game over and over again until I get bored of it, which doesn’t happen all that much. It a great game to play. So, if you do have a PSP and you still it, play Warriors of The Lost Empire.