War in a Box: Paper Tanks

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I went off the Samhain path with this one, and sort of wished I hadn’t. War in a Box was a bit dull, and I never got to get too far into it because it would crash at a certain point. It seemed that all I did was set down turrets, and other kinds of tower guns. All they did was move in a certain pattern, but I was not able to go mobile, as I said, the game would crash before I could get very far.

There might have been some people out there that had better luck with War in a Box: Paper Tanks than I did, and the game did look Army Men promising in a Toy Story sort of way, and if I had not had the technical problems I did, this game might have gotten a better rating from me. I guess I should not have veered from the seasonal path with this little bit of military fluff, but it could have been better. Maybe there are other games like this in the queue for download from any of the many casual games sites out there, but my personal experience with this mini-war game was not all that satisfying.