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Remember those old cartoons where the main characters rarely said anything, but you would keep watching because their the expressions told the whole story. In the spirit of Tom & Jerry and The Pink Panther, Pixar gave us a treat with a great message three years ago in WALL·E. WALL·E is a garbage collecting robot who is living on earth doing exactly what he is programmed to do, collect garbage. Over the centuries, he keeps at his job, creating organized skyscrapers made of trash. A spirited little cockroach keeps him company. WALL·E has developed a personality, and he is very curious about some of the items he finds in his day to day routine. He keeps a little home with his pet up on a hill, where he hides from brutal sandstorms, keeps his collectables, and a stash of Twinkie-like cakes for his little friend. He watches the same movie over and over, Hello, Dolly!. It’s about the only slice of life he can get to learn about the people that once lived on this planet he has been cleaning up for centuries. A huge corporation, Buy N Large still has its mark on earth, but it was BNL that was one of the reasons that the Earth is in the shape it is.

BNL’s CEO Shelby Forthright (Fred Willard), whom we only see in recorded messages has sent the survivors of Earth on a “5-year cruise” on the Axiom, a pleasure ship designed to take care of their every need while the WALL·E robots clean the world up for them. Well, it is going to take far longer than 5 years to fix this mess. After 700 years, a probe comes down to search for something. The sleek, hi-tech robot, EVE peaks WALL·E’s curiosity as he watches her in her search. Many times, EVEs defences have nearly blown WALL·E to bits, but once he is able to prove he isn’t a threat, they become friends, and he shows her his world. One of WALL·E’s newest things in his collection is a new green plant. EVE scans the plant, takes it, then goes into a sleep mode with a green light with a plant emblem glowing on her hull.

The ship that left EVE behind comes to collect her, and WALL·E climbs the outer hull of the ship to find EVE. This shuttle connects with the Axiom where WALL·E finds EVE once again and is the outsider that creates all kinds of chaos for EVE and many of the other robots on the Axiom. This is where we see the robots make new friends with some slightly off robots, the captain of the ship, and some of the ship’s passengers. They also make enemies with AUTO, the computer that will not allow them to return to earth because he is trying to stay to the letter of his programming. AUTO is pretty conniving for a robot, and he even has some nasty little lackeys.

WALL·E is one the most endearing movies ever, and no one is to old, young, or cool to not love it. It is just fun and amazing, and enjoyable no matter how many times you see it. Even the end credits tell a story using art style from the old Earth’s past to tell the tale. From Egyptian to Van Gogh impressionism and more. You just can’t find films that get much better than WALL·E. If you can, feel free to review them for Musings, and we’ll post it here.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★