Wacky Stats Lately

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Has anyone been watching their stats lately? They just don’t seem to make sense or add up, not like they used to. It might be because of the Clouds running around all over the place and jumping from physical server to physical server, we just don’t know. It would take someone more technical then me to be able to figure all that floating data out. One thing I do know is that with the 3 different statistics programs I am running and even Google Analytics, the numbers are literally all over the place. Makes you wonder just how all the information is collected and tabulated for our consumption. One thing I do know is that the numbers became rather fluid since Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 have been released. Here is a run down of 4 different days that I looked at and you can see what I mean about not adding up.

Stats for Mar 15
             StatPress     WordPress Stats     Server Logs     Google Analytics
Visitors         234             451               626               222
Pageviews       1067		                  2068               402

Stats for Mar 31
             StatPress     WordPress Stats     Server Logs     Google Analytics
Visitors        151              1103              988               610
Pageviews	631                               2163              1140

Stats for Apr 01
             StatPress     WordPress Stats     Server Logs     Google Analytics
Visitors        162               439               475              178
Pageviews	293                                2133              375

Stats for Apr 02
             StatPress     WordPress Stats     Server Logs     Google Analytics
Visitors        112               54                201               34
Pageviews	208                                 682               78

You can plainly see that they are not picking everything up and all of them are set to not count mine or other author’s IP address. Really does make it hard to figure things out, even the counting software of some of the advertisers do not contain the same information.

If these numbers are because of the new privacy setting in the browsers then blog owners and advertisers are going to have to find another way to really know how many times an ad and or page has been loaded and looked at. Without that kind of information that is accurate and available then bloggers wont know how many people are seeing thier pages and advertisers will not be able to make any revenue from clicks and impressions because none of the statistical information that they have on hand will be accurate. I hope that the makers of these fine programs will get things tuned up for the new browsers for it is just going to get worse as more and more people switch to them with the default tracking set to off.

Now the information that I have gathered here is just my observations of what is happening and is no way an indication that everyone else will see the same results. You just have to think about this, if I am seeing it happen with the small amount of traffic I am getting for a new blog, how is it going to affect those that have much more traffic coming to their websites. All your stats programers out there, please make note of what is happening and find us a solid solution for seeing just how many new faces we are seeing at our websites. We really need to know so that we can make sure to bring then new and interesting posts on a continuing basis. If we don’t see traffic what would be the incentive to post anything at all?

It’s just something to think about.

P.S. For all you naysayers out there that think I am just trying to fill a page let me give you a run down on how long it took to make this post from start to finish. Graphics: 30 minutes; Stats Comparison: 30 minutes; Actual time to write it all up: 25 minutes. That is at least a total of an hour and 25 minutes to make an interesting post that you can read in under 5 minutes. Learn to appreciate your bloggers because it takes time to bring you the information that they write and collect.