Virtual City – Build the city of your dreams

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

You are driving cross country when your car has problems along the way. The driver side front and rear tires both go flat and your engine overheats, leaving you stranded int he middle of nowhere. As if things could not get any worse a tractor trailer big rig is barreling down toward you as you scream at it to just hit you and end it all. Suddenly it screeches to a halt and a woman gets out asking why in the world would they want to hit you. She tells you that a long lost uncle that you never knew existed has died and has left you his transportation business Virtual City Transportation Inc. Now you have a job and something that you can do and that is where the game starts.

The person who found you on the side of the road guides you step by step on how to run the business. This is not a build a city game per say, bu6t you do indeed build a lot but it is so that you can make sure that the products you have to be transported are able to be delivered. At first you just have to build a few depots for you bus routes but that is just the start of it. Your company will be contracted to supplying entertainment, building roads, repairing tunnels, trans-map transportation and more. You will be handling the collection and reclamation of trash, getting oil and plastic to paint and cosmetic factories and even making sure that there is enough beauty for the people that live in the town you are working with. If there are not enough workers then you can even build and upgrade houses so that you have enough employees.

This is a transportation game that involves some city building but the focus really is the transportation of items and people to meet the goals that are set for you. The missions and goals are timed but only in that if you get them done before time runs out you can get an expert score on that one map or level. If you like the level a lot and find that you don’t want to leave it you don’t have to, you can stay right there till you are satisfied to move on to the next one. As you complete more and more of the game you are able to unlock more buildings, services and even sandbox maps for you to play in. This is one game that can keep your mind busy and going for hours on end.