Vampires Vs Zombies

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Fun Factor:★★★½☆ 

From the people who gave us Plants Vs. Zombies, we now have a sequel, but in this game, we are not merely attempting to stop zombies from invading our home, but the lords and ladies of the dark have taken it upon themselves to save us from this fate borne of the mind of an African dictator and some Voodoun magic. It’s now Vampires Vs Zombies, and from their base in the Carpathian Mountains, it is up to the other undeads to save the world with their innovations and inventive powers to take on the hordes of zombies that are treading into their territory.

Interestingly, most all of these Weapons of Mass Zombie Destruction are made from…. pumpkins? Seriously, they are made from pumpkins! We have buxom vampire wenches farming our sweet squashes in the garden, and from this basic resource, with some simple changes, we can take on all those nasty, brainless green things, so we can enjoy the taste of the blood of the living once more. Our staff is made of scientists, military tacticians, and even animal companions that help in our harvest of pumpkins to destroy the other living dead.

While the premise of this cute game is similar to the other, it added a farming sim element that really set it apart from its prequel, but it also made it like many other farming sim games that we have seen before. I was very much expecting it to be like the other Vs. Zombie game, along with a cute theme song, but not this time. It’s a bit darker, and the zombies are a bit faster, and this time, instead of creating sunshine plants, we have to do out best to kill them along with the zombie, else our vampire army will wither away. It is worth a look, but not nearly as entertaining as the first game in the series.