The Vampires of Bloody Island (2009)

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I went into this new cult classic movie knowing it would be campy. Low budget and British, but after watching Dr. Who for decades before the reboot of the series, I sort of got used to that set up. While BBC and ITV are now giving many of their series bigger budgets to work with, Wibbell Productions took this old formulae and made a pretty decent comedy horror movie about a vampiric noblewoman living on the remote Bloody Island, off the coast of Cornwall that wishes to see the sun again after living in darkness for four hundred years. Morticia de’Ath (Pamela Kempthorne) has a plan to bring someone to Bloody Island that will make this wish come true. This person is the bumbling, clumsy Susan Swallows (Pamela Kempthorne), a sales representative for a soft drinks company. Wibbell soft drinks has had a slump in sales, and Susan is about ready to be fired for all the stupid mistakes she has made. In a test to keep her job, the boss sends to Cornwall to sell of a few cases of some garlic-flavoured soda. Maybe this is why Wibbell sales have slumped. Their flavours are just nasty, but not as nasty as the monsters and undead that live on Bloody Island.

Susan is sent to Bloody Island with a lecherous co-worker, Kevin Smallcock (Allin Kempthorne), and by the time they reach Bloody Bay to catch the ferry to Bloody Island, Morticia’s plan are unravelling with the help of her ghoulish but stupid servant, Grunt (Leon Hamiliton). They meet an vampire hunter, Dr. Van Rental (Oliver Gray), and the way he guzzles down the garlic soda pop, Susan is sure her job is secure. There is a history between Susan and Morticia that reveals the reasons of why she has really come to Bloody Island.

The movie is not Oscar material, and Wibbell didn’t go into it thinking it would be. It is fun and funny, and the two peace-loving hippy vampires at the end are so cute, you really don’t want them to get hurt. The soundtrack features some of the hottest tracks from some amazing gothic pagan bands from the UK, such as Inkubus Sukkubus and Vampire Division. The soundtrack alone is worth the buy, a must have for fans of gothic music. The movie is worth the watching, funny, and just so, well, wrong, but in a good way. Not too bloody, pretty damned funny, and never taking itself to seriously. I’d love to see it stake it’s claim at a Midnight Movie Express along with Rocky Horror, Heavy Metal, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. If you want serious, go watch The King’s Speech, and leave the vampires to Dr. Van Rental and Wibbell Productions.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆