Vampire Saga – Welcome To Hell Lock

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

When it comes to casual hidden object mystery games, they don’t get much creepier than Vampire Saga – Welcome To Hell Lock. You are playing as a man on the run who has a motorcycle accident right outside of the abandoned town of Hillock. There seems to be only one person still alive in Hillock, and this character you are running is it. There are many things in this game that will creep many people out. If you don’t care for spiders, this game is not for you.

There are ghosts everywhere, and many creepy clues along the way. Later on, you get a call from some loan shark who calls your character “Palmer”, and you see your character’s likeness on a wanted poster at the sheriff’s office. Just before that, you found the sheriff’s body in a water tank down the street, but he’s not dead! He is just another undead, like so many others in this dark and creepy town. This is classic hidden object mystery horror, and you really don’t know if you are playing the good guy or the bad guy, or maybe someone who just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The sound and graphics of Vampire Saga – Welcome To Hell Lock, truly give it the ambiance you are looking for in a horror game, but don’t play this game alone in the dark.

These little dark casual games are becoming more and more like the movies that are designed to freak us out these days, but with games like these, they are much closer to home, since you are seeing the action through the main character’s point of view. If you are wanting a good fright without downloading a scary movie, then play Vampire Saga – Welcome To Hell Lock for a cleverly thought out scare tonight. The 3 star rating on the Fun Factor could have been higher if it weren’t due to the creepiness of the game itself.