Vampire Hunter D

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Vampire_Hunter_(1985_film)_DVD_coverVampire Hunter D is a old classic anime from the mid 80’s and this is not better than Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, but it is a good anime to watch. This anime came out around 1985. This anime takes place in the future. The year in this anime is 12,090 A.D. This take place 10,000 years from now. This anime movie is about a young 17 year-old girl named Doris Lang that has been bitten from vampire, Count Magnus Lee. Count Magnus Lee is a 10,000 year old vampire and more powerful than the other vampire. Magnus intends to make Doris his new zombie vampire bride. She has to find a vampire hunter to kill Count Magnus Lee. If she didn’t find one soon, she will die.

She did find the right vampire hunter. Her vampire hunter’s name is D. D is a dhampir. This means he is half vampire and half human. Doris wants to live with D because she loves him. D can’t be with her because he might kill her. She has a little brother name Dan. Her mother and father died long time ago. Her father is werewolf hunter and I don’t know much about her mother. She just lives with her brother. D must kill the Count before she dies.

This anime is basic on the Vampire Hunter D novels. The person who wrote the novels is Hideyuki Kikuchi and Illustrator is Yoshitaka Amano. Those two did the novels. The person who directed this movie is Toyoo Ashida. He has done lots of stuff since the 60’s. He did Dr.Slump, Cyborg 009, Inuyasha, and this one. The animation of this look pretty good for old school anime. I know the blood and gore look cheesy, but, hey, at least this movie look way less cheesy than Logan’s Run. That movie was messed up bad.

The English voice actors in this movies are terrible. Michael McConnohie as D, Barbara Goodson as Doris, Lara Cody as Dan, and Jeff Winkless as Count Magnus Lee. Michael McConnohie did voice acting in Cowboy Bebop, Bleach, Dirty Pair, Dragon Ball, and many more. Barbara did voice acting in Ah! My Goddess and many animes I never seen before. Lara Cody did voice acting in Akira, Bleach, and Castle in the Sky. She did voice acting in video games, as well. She did Metal Gear Solid 2 & 4, Age of Empires III, and Dynasty Warrior 6. Jeff Winkless did voice acting in Outlaw Star and other animes I have never seen before. This anime good watch on Halloween. This isn’t better than Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆