Vampire Hunter D

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Vampire Hunter D is a really hard game. The controls is really confusing, but not like Tomb Raider. The controls are like Resident Evil, but the ps1 version. I hated the movement in this game. This game is only on the PS1. The gameplay is like Resident Evil 1, but you are using a sword. Vampire Hunter D is based on a anime movie. There two Vampire Hunter D movies. The first movie was in the mid 80’s and the second movie was in the early 2000’s. This game is based on the second movie. This game takes place about ten thousand years from now. Vampire are dieing off species after a long ten thousands of years.

You are playing a vampire hunter name D and has a talking hand will help you in the game. In this game you are helping a old man to help to find his daughter. The old man daughter was kidnapped by a vampire. So it up to D to find the old man daughter before the vampire turn her. D is like Rayne. So he is a dhampir but in this game they call them dunpeas. Dunpeas are half human and half vampire. In this game you are fight a butch a monsters. You are in a castle in this game. In this game you will figuring out puzzles and clues.

This game will take a long time to beat, but that a good thing because video game are supposed to be long. The first time I played this game I said, “Oh boy, this going to be a pain.” I’m always use to using the stick instead of the D-Pads. The use the D-Pads when I playing Tomb Raider But this game is a lot harder than Tomb Raider. The graphics in this game are kind a crappy. It a old game but what do you expect from a PS2 game? Only, this game is not on PS2. It is only for PS1. So, if you seen the Vampire Hunter D’s movies you will love this game, but do not throw your controllers at TV. Just in enjoy the game and take your time.