Unreal Tournament 2004

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Unreal Tournament 2004 is the most fun action arena game that I had ever played. The game is better than the Quake III Arena. In Summer, I was playing Quake III Arena alot. I want to play online but, couldn’t because Quake III had Gamespy and Gamespy is not around any more. So I started playing this game and modding it as well. This game is like Quake III, but even better. There are more things you can do, like assault, bombing, capture the flag, death match and even more.

I did play online as well and it actually fun, but it’s really hard and you have to wait the game to load. This game use the Unreal Engine 2.5. This Engine use the same on Unreal Champion 2 as well, which was on XBOX. The graphics in this game look amazing. It almost looks like a Halo 2. It has more details and more texture. I thought it was going to look like a PS2 game, but Epic Games tries to make to games look good and they did.

The story a long time age the humans fought a war with the Skaarj, which left their galactic empire in shambles. To assist in the rebuilding of the colonies by calming down enraged colonists, the Liandri Corporation came up with the idea of staging a gladiatorial tournament for the miners. The interest was so high that it grew into a sport, with sponsored teams battling in specially made arenas. So, it is like Hunger Games with guns, explosions, and guts flying everywhere.

The gameplay is sweet. You can play this game in first person and third person view. Third person view is really hard to shoot, but first person view is better. Things look different than the UT2003 did. UT2003 was a good game, but wasn’t all that fun. This game is on GOG.com, If you want to play this game. You need to try this game it fun. This game is not for console. It only for the PC. If it was I will probably be out on XBOX, not PS2. If you are getting this game and you got windows 10, you need to play it in window mode. I try playing it in fullscreen and the game crashes when you start the game up. All the Unreal series does it but except for Unreal Tournament III. If you have older version of windows you can play it in fullscreen. I have no trouble with it in fullscreen until I update it windows 10. If you are looking for a better first person shooter you should get this game. It way better than today first person shooters these days.