UltraViolet (2006) The Blood War is On

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In a world where viral research and development has gone horribly wrong you have the creation of a new subspecies of humans called hemophage. The hemophages have been changed by the virus and they are extremely contagious. Just a drop of their blood or bodily fluids will make others just like them. They are also called vampires because of the light sensitivity and elongated teeth that they have after the change occurs. That is not the only thing that happens to them, they have more sensitive hearing, enhanced speed, able to withstand more damage, ability to heal quickly and some are able to see in total darkness. For all their gifts, though, they are set to expire with a very hard expiration date. They die within 12 years to the day of their infection as well as regular transfusions of blood, if they are not killed first. That is the world that the film UltraViolet is set in.

The humans and the Ministry are trying to wipe out any remaining hemophages that are left in the world. Doing so will make sure that none others need be infected with their virus ever again. Just the fear of a possible airborne infection the entire world has taken to wearing filter masks to protect themselves. In some ways this has even helped the vampires to be able to stay alive and hidden. With everyone covering their face it is simple enough for the hemophage to just do the same to blend in. They use this to their advantage so that they can infiltrate Ministry facilities for both terror and espionage. If more were like them they would not have to worry about being wiped out. It seems the government has not interest in curing them, just using them for research and experimentation.

At the beginning of the film the hemophages are looking to infiltrate a government blood bank. Some think that they are there to destroy it and other think that they were there to infect it with the virus to make more like themselves. They are not able to find out as they are killed before they can carry out their mission. So fearful of the disease that when one is splattered with the hemophage blood they are immediately killed before contamination can set in and start the change. It is a truly fearful society that they live in with both sides warring against the other. One of those soldiers for the vampires is that of “V” or Violet Song Jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich). She used to be human and even after the change felt for them till they started to use her.

Violet used to be a nurse at a hospital and was pregnant with her first child when she was infected with the virus. After that she was experimented on, killed and brought back over and over just to see the effects of the virus. They even made sure that her child was kept alive, growing inside her to see what effects the virus was having on the fetus. Eventually we see her killed again and the next time we see her her child is gone and she is told that it is dead. We don’t know how she finally got free of the Ministry and gained her freedom but we do know that she is out to get them any way that she can. She will make them pay for what they have done to her and all of her kind, no matter what it takes.

The only other one of her kind that really cares what happens to Violet is that of Garth (William Fichtner). He is a researcher that is trying to find a cure and has to keep moving around in a “Flat Space” vehicle so that he is not found. Flat Space technology allows more space to be used then what is physically being used. You could say it is almost TARDIS like in the way that it folds space in on itself so that there is more room to be used. Garth is also the one that keeps all of Violet’s weapons ready on hand for her use. One thing that Vee doesn’t realize is that Garth is actually in love with her and will do anything and everything to keep her alive, even if he has to go against his own kind.

Violet has a mission to steal a new weapon from the Ministry that Ferdinand Daxus (Nick Chinlund), head of the Ministry, has made. The hemophage resistance believes that it is something that will wipe them all out and they are going to do anything they can to stop it. They have no idea what it looks like but they have to get it before it is transferred to the Ministry HQ by Courier XPD-154 (Youlia Galenko). Vee poses as her and gets in and acquires the case and has it in her possession when they find out who she really is. So in a blazing display of marksmanship and martial arts ability she gets the case out of the research facility and gets away. In the process she discovers that it is not really a weapon in the case but actually that of a child. The child is only known as Six (Cameron Bright) and he is not what they think that he is.

In all this film is wild and unpredictable, except to those that have already seen it. It is filmed in such a way that the reveal of what the child is and who and what Daxus is winds up being a true shocker. You don’t know what to think when it happens, all you know is that it made the film that much more entertaining. I will tell you, don’t let the poor graphic effects of the end scene ruin the film for you. That really is the only scene that is poorly done and in no way affects the rest of the film. For anyone that likes vampires and science fiction, true Sci-Fi, they you are going to really enjoy and love this film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆