Twilight School

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

When I first saw the title of this hidden object mystery, I had a feeling that AnnGames was using the current pop culture obsession with the Twilight movies and books as a marketing ploy. One of the secondary characters is even named Bella, but Bella is not the focus of this game. It has more of Harry Potter kind of a feel, yet it is set in North America. This story involves a young woman whose parents went missing, and when a distant relative, Hovenheim, gives her a letter from her mother, she finds out that her parents are alive, but they are trapped in a parallel plane called simply, Dark World.

Hovenheim has connexions at a school somewhat like Hogwarts, but it seems to be more like the school from the webcomic, Eerie Cuties, Charybdis Heights. The school is filled with magic-using, good-looking teachers and students. Hovenheim’s contact at the school is Derek, a wizard that teaches several different subjects, but mostly history. He gives lily some tasks to do to help her to crossover to the Dark World, like chasing down frogs, hunting for books, which leads to logic puzzles, but herding five little frogs into a pentacle is much easier than collecting thousands of frogs into a pick-up truck like they did in the movie Cannery Row.

I was a bit put off by the abrupt cut off at the end of the “demo” but I think I might go back to this one. Unlike the Stephanie Meyer series, I sort of like this game. There just as to be more to it than the eye candy, but for any teen girl looking to find that pop culture escape, you should check Twilight School.