Turok: Evolution

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Turok 4

Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Turok: Evolution is the beginning of the Turok series. This game has a good story and a good gameplay. For graphics, not so great. The graphics looks like N64 games instead a PS2 game. I would think that it looked a little more like Morrowind graphics. The characters’ design looked really bad. They look muddy and low res.

The story in this game is pretty good. Tal’Set was sent to the lost land after his people were killed by a Ranger. In this game you are helping the humans fight the tyrannic army. So, it is like the first game, but before the first game. The gameplay runs like Morrowind, but you can’t switch to third person view. I like the gameplay in this game better than the graphics. You can fly in this game. The flying gameplay runs like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The AI are sometimes are little buggy. The enemies in this game are sometimes are little stupid, but that’s not so bad. The game slows down sometimes.

When you are playing this game, some weapons are taken away in some levels. I like to use sniper-pistol instead a tech bow. The sound in this game is little bit off. I was hearing it from a Game Boy instead the TV or surround sound. I think this game should have been worked on a little bit longer, or done by a different developer like Square Enix, Capcom, Bethesda, or anyone. This game is a good game, but the problem was the graphics looking more like an N64 game instead a PS2 game, some of your weapon are lost in some of the levels, the sound is off and the game slows down often. It a good game, but it needs to be a little bit longer. Is this game worth buying? Yes and No. Yes, because it is Turok and it PS2 game. No, the game has problems.