Turbo Pizza

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I had played a game similar to this awhile back, but this was very different, yet not all that different from The Great Chocolate Chase. While Turbo Pizza was similar in the gameplay aspect, Oberon Media pulled me for a loop with the insane sounds in this one. When Rebecca and Robert decided to buy a castle and transform it into a pizzeria, it was a great idea. They got all kinds of customers, even knightly cosplayers with no sense of patience or class, but this is the kicker.

When Rebecca takes one of Robert’s uncooked pizzas to the oven to be baked, he scrambles to get a new pie ready for the next customer, he makes this sound that would be more common in the bedroom than a pizza kitchen. It’s just awful! You don’t know if you want to continue on, because you might be giggling at this sound while trying to play an otherwise pretty nice time management game. If the sounds weren’t bad enough, there are the customers. You have pleasant businesspeople, but add in the flighty teens, the rude cosplayers, and the snooty old ladies, and you get a mess. I was sort of glad when the hour trial was over. I can only hope that the other two games in this series are better than Turbo Pizza.

I do have to admit that getting cash and upgrades in the game was fairly quick, so this made going through levels a bit easier, but make sure you are pretty wired or sugared up when trying to keep up with Rebecca while she is running around within that circle of a counter. Your eyes will be spinning a bit, but I guess the rude pizza-making sounds must keep it in balance. While I was checking the specs of the game, I saw what other casual gamers thought at the sire where we download the game. The few gamers that piped up just can’t seem to get enough. Well, guys, have at it!