Tropico 5 from Kalypso Media

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Tropico 5 is the latest version of the Tropico Series that Kalypso Media and Haemimont Games has released and is one hell of a city builder. It was released for download by the Kalypso Launcher on May 23rd with great anticipation from gamers. Even though Tropico 4 and Tropico 3 has some issues gamers looked to 5 to fix those and keep the series alive. In some ways this is true but in others it just isn’t so.

Some gamers, the more vocal ones, are calling this game just a reason for the two companies to sell DLC add-ons for stuff that should already be there. You will notice that the stars that have been given do not reflect some of what I am saying here. The reason is that as a stand alone product is is a very good game. When looking at it with the rest of the series in mind it is lacking in many ways.

Lets look at what is currently missing in the game since the previous versions. There is no grade school, no independent fire station (you can upgrade the police station with a fire brigade). You have a smaller number of entertainment buildings, all the houses and tenements look the same, you don’t have all of the different looking buildings like you did in previous games. Less options are available when putting down gardens and there is no way to add individual trees. One of the biggest things that people have been fussing over is that there is no Marina for tourism and all of the special buildings like the Mausoleum and the Christ Statue are just not there. As you can see many things are gone and probably won’t be seen till there is an update or DLC. Also, in creating the dynasty members, it looks like they pulled the body model from the old Golden Eye for the n64. They would have done better using the models from Tropico 3 or Tropico 4.

Now, lets look at the good, the points that the stars above reflect. Game play is very enjoyable and would be even more so if not for the constant popups from the game storyline. That is to be expected though in a Tropico game. Graphics really are quite good in the island view but not as detailed texture wise from Tropico 4. It might just be that you can not zoom in as close as you could before, but they are pleasing to look at. Myself I have yet to “beat” the game as in Tropico 5 you can fail and have to start all over again and I don’t mean just the mission. If you fail you are taken back to either load a save or just plain start over. A good thing though is that is you start over you can keep all the dynasty members that you already have. Another good thing about the game play is it is more grid oriented so that you can know where it is that you are putting something and can plan accordingly. In all, as a stand alone game it is a nice city builder but don’t expect the military to worth a hill of beans when they go to combat.

As you can see there are good things and bad about the game but when taken on its own with no other expectations it really is a good game. If you are a fan of the series you still might enjoy it but don’t expect to see some of the recreational and building options that you had in previous games. The game needs to age a bit.

Warning: The game REQUIRES a Dx11 card and compatibility of software. If you do not have a Dx11 video card and a software and system that can utilize Dx11 you will not be able to play this game.

Please enjoy these screenshots from my own game and then if you like what you see click on the link and check the game out for yourself.