Trivia Golf

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

So take a day on any one of your favourite beach golf courses, and imagine you have to line your shot up, then you have to answer some random trivia question before you can take the shot. Your question’s difficulty is based on how far you want to hit the ball. The closer you get toi the putting green, the more difficult the questions become, and if you’ve grown up with North American culture, many questions won’t make sense to you, since apparently, whomever came up with them is British. Once you do get to the putting green, you have to do some kind of matching quiz to see how many strokes your short game will take.

Now, not only are you playing this very unorthodox game here on the Hombre Golf Club on this slightly breezy bay in Panama City Beach, there are no golf carts to be found. There are not pitchers of martinis or margaritas anywhere… so maybe one out of three ain’t bad. Now look at yourself. You are a giant rabbit, and all your gear is bright pink! Not even Happy Gilmore played a game as weird as this. You’re lining up shots like you’re playing at the Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf, you are a rabbit and having to answer questions about pop culture, science, and weird sports you don’t know much about. Thank goodness, you’re gaming nightmare will be over in only an hour, because that’s about as long as you’ll be able to handle this game. Save yourself some frustration. Turn off the computer, and just go to the nearest golf club, and hit some balls on the driving range, because it will be much more fun than playing Trivia Golf!