Trinity Blood

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Trinity_Blood_DVD_CoverTrinity Blood is a pretty good anime to watch and it is way better than Vampire Hunter D. This anime is set in 900 years later than our time. In Vampire Hunter D, it set 10,000 years later. This anime has airships, missiles, and computers. This anime is about a priest named Father Abel Nightroad, that is fighting against the vampires and bringing peace to the humans. He is a vampire, but he is a Crusnik. A Crusnik is vampire that drinks of blood of the vampires.

He works at the Vatican in Rome. He is one of the AX Agents. AX Agents is like CIA Agents or NCIS Agents. I never saw NCIS or never cared for it. I heard about it, but I never watched it. Abel will some bad luck in this anime. Sometime he slips, can’t drive a boat, or trips into the water. For a vampire, he’s pretty clumsy. His partner always had to get him out of the water. He is not as bad as Usagi in Sailor Moon. He has a partner and her name is Sister Esther Blancheff. Esther is a redhead and she is very cute. She loves everyone and she is the star of Hope. The Star of Hope is a vivid, star-shaped birthmark. Later on in the anime, you will see her birthmark on her back.

I like the 3D computer animation in this anime. Most of this anime is in 2D, but 3D computer anime is use for the airships, missiles, and when Abel changes into a Crusnik. Abel will meet lots of pretty women in this anime, and the women that meet Abel will want Abel so badly, because he seems to be such an innocent. The fact that they think he is cute helps, though. Trinity Blood is a great, but I wish they made more of the episodes. The reason why they didn’t more episodes is because the director died. The director was Tomohiro Hirata. He did Project A-ko, Gunbuster, and the original Dirty Pair. He did great job on those anime from the 80’s and did this anime as well. This is great anime to watch. If you never seen this anime, you need to watch it.