Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

This is the first in a series of hidden object puzzle games that feature two redheaded kids, Nelly and Tommy, and how they become professional treasure hunters. In Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold we first meet Nelly, the older of the two kids, and we learn that she’s been having dreams about pirate ships and buried treasure. As Nelly is exploring around the house one day, in which we help her do, she finds a chest with a map on the top of it. She goes to the derelict house nearby to find her little brother, Tommy, and there they find more clues to the map and learn that their grandmother was a pirate. What a cool grandma! The first part of the game looks to be set in the 1920s, and we do know that LaFitte, the last of the great pirates was still pillaging as late as the 1840s, so the timeline is plausible. There are still pirates out there today, as we know from the recent news, but this deals with finding treasure from the Golden Age.

The gameplay is similar to Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff with the small puzzle that require you to seek out part of items, and put them together to make them work. This leads you to the next item in the room or to the next puzzle you have to solve. The other logic puzzles you encounter are geometric fill-ins, and seeking out small part of similar items, like 10 keys in one room or 20 bolts and such. Lots of visual logic here. I will be checking into the other Treasure Seeker games, and we will be treated to watching Nelly and Tommy grow up through these games, like we did with the young wizards and witches in the Harry Potter books and movies. The Treasure Seekers series looks to be very promising, and I will have viewed them all within the week. Take the challenge with Nelly and Tommy in Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold this weekend, and become addicted to Nelly and Tommy adventures, too.