The Transporter (2002) He Has Only 3 Rules

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The Transporter stars Jason Statham as Frank Martin and Qi Shu as Lai, the daughter of a smuggler of human slaves. When the film first starts we see Jason getting his car ready for a job. Jason is not necessarily a criminal he just drives for a lot of them. He never asks name, he is very precise about all of the details of the jobs that he does and the deal is the deal once it has been made. The main inspector knows what kind of work he does but The Transporter is always exact and always makes sure that he doesn’t do anything to attract attention.

Constantly staying within the law when ever he drives for distance and knowing how to be evasive when he is not is what keep Frank Martin one step ahead and out of trouble with the law. He never changes a deal and never does anything other then just drive, that is before he gets a job from Wall Street played by Matt Schulze. Frank is hired to carry a bag from one place to another, no questions asked. Simple enough till he has a flat and then finds what he is really carrying is that of a bound woman, Lai. Now Frank is in for the time of his life just to stay alive.

This film is packed full of action, car chases, shoot outs and romance as The Transporter Frank Martin with the help of Inspector Tarconi, played by Francois Berleand, make sure that the bad guys are not going to be causing anyone any more trouble. We even have some aerial stunts and parachuting onto the top of a moving semi-truck. This film will keep your heart pumping and you entertained right up to the very end of the film.

This is the first movie of the Transporter films and it starts with a bang and I hope that Stratham will come back to make more of these films. They are entertaining and very fun to watch again and again. Thank you Jason for all of the great films you keep giving us.

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