Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon

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While having the most drama and action of the series this was actually the hardest one to watch. Everything became a distraction and while I love they used Leonard Nimoy as Sentinel Prime the amount of catch phases and one liners injected in the film did nothing to add to it. Hasbro really dropped the ball allowing this script to go to film, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t anywhere near good either. It was like they were trying to shove the kitchen sink in on every single scene. I know it is about the world being over run by mechanical aliens that want to colonize our world but give me a break.

Sam is out of work just graduating college and a medal of honor recipient. None of that matters as every single place has its own agenda and some places saying that this is not right as the first job for him. I know the world is all messed up in reality do we have to see that same stupid rhetoric in our movies as well that we want to watch to get away from it all? Our graduates and those that chose to go into other professions that don’t require a degree are getting enough of a run around all ready. We don’t have to be reminded about it by Hasbro and Michael Bay. No wonder people think the guy the devil when he detracts from the story so much as he did with this one.

The government doesn’t want Sam’s help since they think they know it all and oh, by the way, the moon landing was all a cover up of finding a crashed Cybertronian spaceship on, gasp, the dark side of the moon. The whole film is just so leading and you almost know what is going to happen next before it even happens. You brain is going faster then the film and you get a sense of deja vu because of the way the script and repeating patterns are in the film. And what the hell is up with the toy truck and tiny Autobot laptop sleeping on the porch with a dog? The scenes in this film are as if half of it was missing. Maybe if the film were split into two with the halves missing added back in it would make more sense.

Visuals on the film are great and as always the action is explosive but it just seemed as if there was just way too much going on in the film. It was as if they didn’t say everything at once then nothing would get said. They say that reality doesn’t have to make sense but fiction does and this film fails on both of those fronts. You don’t know what or who half the people are, even after watching it multiple times, groan. You don’t see how things fit together as you would in any other film in existence even in the stupid film Night of a 1000 Cats (Man with a helicopter) you can follow the story properly and that film was crap. Transformers Dark Side Of The Moon just did not live up to what it could have been, the director failed!

I give this film a Musing review of ★★☆☆☆☆ 

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