Transformers (2007)

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Anyone who loves a good action film is not going to be disappointed by this film from Michael Bay. It has all the elements for a great Sci-Fi action thriller that should please everyone, unfortunately not everyone. Having watched the cartoon since it first aired on TV in 1984 and several of the incarnations since then I personally feel that the film indeed captures the essence of when Hasbro and Marvel first did the shows and comics. While purists hate anything Michael Bay may make this reviewer feels that he did the name of Transformers true justice. The film is about autonomous robots that are seeing something on earth, just as in the old series. While the first movie doesn’t deal with the search for Energon but it does make hints at it with them showing that there are a group of transformers on the surface of Mars. This film deals with the search for the All Spark, the Cube, their maker. The show also has the interactions between the humans and the transformers with the interaction with the teens that ultimately become their spokesmen on earth. With so much coming from the old series there is no way that you can not mistake this as not being a full authentic transformers film.

So, how about the film itself, what does it give us that we have not seen before? One it is a full live action film with the addition of almost perfect CGI integration of the robots themselves. As you watch them transform you get to see something that we were not able to see in the animated series that were first done. In the film we get to see how every part of the vehicles that they transform into are used. On the DVD we find out that they painstakingly went over the transformations to make sure that every part of the vehicle was used in some way and not just make it look like it was. In the computer every part and cog was broken down and then used to make either the robot or the cars. This was the first time that they had done this with the ‘bots and it made the movie that more the special in its attention to detail.True some aspects of the film were forced on us but what movie doesn’t do this. If the film did not just plow ahead it would have had to make possibly 2 prequels just to bring us up to speed, so they just throw us into the mix, just the way that the 2 teens are. We get to experience everything threw their eyes and it really makes the experience all the more real, even though we know it is not.

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) wants a car and he wants it bad. He wants to be able to impress the girls and finally get a girlfriend of his own. The one girl that he has had his eye on since 2nd grade is that of Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) who always seems to be on the arm of some dumb jock. He feels that if he has the wheels then he can have her wheels, if you know what I mean. His father Ron Witwicky (Kevin Dunn) has promised him that if he can have enough good grades and $2,000 dollars that he would help him get a car. He is true to his word but really is a cheap prankster and makes his son think that he is going to be getting a Porsche as his first car by driving through the dealerships lot. Instead of stopping there he takes him to what must be the worst used car dealer in all the state to get him his first car. While the 2 of them are arguing about it some beat up Camaro has been following them around and parks itself next to a bug on the used car dealers lot. The car, Bumblebee (Mark Ryan), is determined to be Sam’s car and will do anything to make that happen.

This is just the first of the weird things that start happening to Sam as he is trying to figure out what is going on around him. He even starts to think that the car is possessed by the devil and is trying to get away from it on the bicycle that belongs to his mother Judy Witwicky (Julie White). That is when Mikaela really gets involved with the Autobots and the other transformers in the film. All the while on the other side of the world the Decepticons are trying to hack into the military network to be able to find out the whereabouts of their leader Megatron (Hugo Weaving) and has to deal with a very stubborn no give up group of Marines that are making things very difficult for them. This film has more twists and turns then a backwoods mountain road and keeps you guessing at what will happen next all the way to the end. You will not be bored when you are watching this film.

If your a Transformer purists, get over yourself and enjoy the film. For all the rest of us that just enjoy great film then you are going to come away from this film feeling really good and glad that you got a chance to see it. Transformers is one of those films that the whole family can and will enjoy.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆