Total Recall: 2070 Machine Dreams

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When I first heard the name of this film I thought it would be a continuation of Total Recall that was done by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boy was I mistaken, even the name of the company Recall has been changed. While the world that the film takes place in can be said to be similar to the one found in Total Recall, it is much smaller, grittier and more 50’s looking then even the first film. While they did try to keep some of the same vehicles from the first film, anyone remember the Johnny Cab?, it still just was not the same. While the film might be entertaining it really could have been called a different name. It might have been a better film if they had named it something different and not tried to capitalize on the last films or even the current film’s name.

The sets for the film could have all been done on a small soundstage and anything that needed exterior shots were all done on a computer or lifted from the fist film, even the Mars shots. Most set designs were claustrophobic and even the exterior shots were unbelievably small. One shot that comes to mind is when Detective David Hume (Michael Easton) from the Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB) is trying to talk down an AI, an android named Winston (Kim Coates). They are on the top of a building and it visibly looked painted into the scene and looks way to small for what it is supposed to be. Time and again you will see scenes like that were the exterior always looks smaller then what it should from the exterior shots. The only exception is the memory recall chamber or room looks way to big.

The story of the film is that on a routine call to check on a break-in, something that doesn’t happen much, at the Rekall main office detective Hume and his first partner walk in on an attempted kidnapping. Several androids are trying to make off with a scientists that used to be involved with memory implantations. These particular androids have already been implanted with memories and don’t want those to fade away. They are hoping that the scientist will be able to help them keep those memories so that they can be more self aware. Talk about a plot right out of Blade Runner. I guess you could call this Blade Runner meets Total Recall. I know that the same author wrote both stories but in no way is this film part of those worlds other then a NAME and a concept. Anyway, Rekall doesn’t do implants any more since the “Mars Incident” and instead to interactive memory augmentations or stimulations.

As a low budget film it can be entertaining at times and does have enough twists and turns to keep someone passively interested and want to see more. I have seen worse films with better budgets. If you forget about Blade Runner and Total Recall then you might be able to enjoy this film. If you disliked either of the films mentioned then you will just hate this film entirely. It is particularly funny seeing the burns on the detective android Ian Farve (Karl Pruner) and how they are healed. I have seen better makeup effects from the SyFy show Faceoff.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆