Tomb Raider II

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Tomb Raider II is pretty good game to play, but there is one problem in this game. The problem in this game are the controls. I have this game on PC and I hated the controls, but I still played this game. If I had it on the PSone, the controls will been a little bit better for me.

This on is only on PSone and PC. This one is after Tomb Raider. This game is about an ancient dagger from China. Lara is looking for the dagger, but some bad guys are looking for the dagger so they can use it for evil. The bad guys in this game are call Venetian Mafia and their leader is Marco Bartoli. The dagger is about turning someone into a dragon. So, it up to Lara to get the dagger before something bad happens. The voice actress had changed for Lara. The voice actress who did Lara Croft voice is Judith Gibbins. She did this one and Tomb Raider III.

The graphics are little bit the same as last Tomb Raider game and little bit different. Lara’s body look a little bit more shapely, but not her boobs. Her boobs are now rounded, and not torpedo boobs. The rest of her body is still the same. Lara house is little bit different now. Inside her home is still the same, but when she is outside it looks different. The gameplay is still the same from the first Tomb Raider game, and the sound is little bit different this time. The music in this sound like Metal Gear Solid music.

This game have seventeen levels. Four of levels are Great Wall and Venice. Six of levels are in Offshore and Underwater. Seven levels are are set in Tibet and China. So, if you played the first Tomb Raider game, and you want to play the second Tomb Raider, or if you played the other Tomb Raider games and you want to play the second one, play Tomb Raider II. You can get it today at PlayStation Network, or if you want to play it on the PC, you can get at When you are playing this game do not throw your controller at TV and do not destroy your keyboard.