Tomb Raider: Anniversary

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tomb raider anniversary
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Tomb Raider: Anniversary is the remake from first Tomb Raider game. This version is way better than original game back in 1996. This game does have the same storyline from the original. Lara is looking for three of Scions to find the lost city of Atlantis. The scions are different from the original, but it is still the same shapes. I like scions from original. If you put them together, it look like a medallion.

Lara looks way better than the original. She looks like the same from Tomb Raider: Legend. I liked her this way than others on PSone. I liked her this way because she don’t big square hands and she doesn’t have missile boobs. In the original, she had those big square hands and missile boobs. The graphics looks really great. When you are fighting the T-Rex later on in the game, you will see it looks came out from King Kong. The 2005 version of King Kong, not the 70’s or 30’s. If you go to Egypt, it feels like you’re in a movie, like the movie Raiders or The Mummy. This game really great for the PS2. Is on the XBOX 360, but the PS2 version looks better. I had played the XBOX 360 version, and it is still the as the same a PS2 version.

The gameplay different from the original. The original gameplay was difficult and a pain. This game uses the same gameplay from Tomb Raider: Legend. That is a good thing. The controls are more easy to handle. The original game had painful controls. A lot of people hated the controls so bad, they want throw the controller to the TV. Back in 1996, people liked that game. Now, people hate the original so much. For me, it was OK. I had played it before, but I didn’t throw the controller to the TV. I know it was a pain, but it was fun to play. The sound is better now. The original sound like Nintendo 64 music. The main theme song sounds a lot better than before.

If you played the original Tomb Raider and had problems with it, you will like this way better than the original. I know the original was a pain, but if you play this game, you never will want play original ever again. I’m still liking the original, but not so much. I wish they would remake others from the PSone and including Angel of Darkness. Angle of Darkness was a very bad game. This game takes about 12-15 hours. So, you can still play it in the same amount of time as the time original Tomb Raider. If you had played the original in the past, you will like this one better. So get Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the PlayStation 2 today, if you still have your PlayStation 2.