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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I tried Titanfall on the XBOX ONE and the game is kind of boring. This game is like Gundam meets Call of Duty. The story sounds like the original Mobile Suit Gundam. I had try this game out at a friend of mine. He had rented it at Gamefly. We played it and we think this game really sucks. It like you are just shooting, killing, and making body parts fly everywhere.

This game has has some AI problems. Sometimes your enemies are standing around and doing nothing. The gameplay runs like today’s first person shooters. We are all getting all tired of the first person shooters that has the same gameplay and the same graphics. Every time we see a first person shooter game, we see the same thing. . The graphics in this game is not next gen. I was hoping it was going the be like Killzone: Shadow Fall, but it is not. The graphics look like last gen. The graphics in this game looks OK, but it doesn’t look next gen.

Some reviewer said, this is best gaming graphics on the XBOX ONE. Well I’m going to say this… If these are the best graphics for the XBOX ONE, don’t buy one! The PS4 graphics look 10x better than the XBOX ONE. If you are getting a new console, get the PS4. Don’t get a XBOX ONE! The sound is pretty good. It feels like you’re in the battlefield in this game. This game is the first and only XBOX ONE game I have played and it will be the last time I will play on the XBOX ONE. For people who like shooting, you will love playing this game, but for people who are getting tired of the same thing, don’t play this game.